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Welcome to the Virgin Islands and Andiamo

Going for a chartered yacht holiday is definitely an exciting way to spend your vacation. People love going for a cruise tour because of the wonderful scenery that they witness as they go along cruising on a luxury ship or yacht. This type of vacation is perfect for families and couples looking for a fantastic getaway. Below, you will find an itinerary of a great-crewed charter perfect for families and couples.

We are delighted to have you join us for crewed charter yachts adventures!   Here is a sample itinerary for your 1 week crewed charter yachts vacation. Please keep in mind that nothing is "set in stone;” our aim is to take you where you want to go, do what you want to do.  So sit back, relax, and savor your crewed charter yacht vacation.


Captain Jim will meet you at the airport upon your arrival and escort you on board crewed charter yachts Andiamo.  Once you are settled, it is time to discuss your itinerary. Below is an example of what you can expect:

Day 1

After lunch, we'll depart for Leinster Bay, St. John. The bay is well protected and quite comfortable. The snorkeling is excellent and there is an interesting walk ashore on a trail leading to the 300 year old Annaberg Sugar Mills. These ruins have been beautifully restored by the National Park Service.

Day 2

Enjoy a refreshing morning swim while breakfast is being prepared. Afterwards, we'll depart St. John and enter the beautiful British Virgin Islands. You will be crossing an international boundary to Soper’s Hole, our point of entry. Captain Jim can prepare all the forms and take them to the BVI Customs and Immigration office. Fortunately, your presence is not required. Sit back and enjoy a rum punch and the views of the prettiest harbor in the Caribbean! Once we've cleared customs, you may go ashore for about an hour and look around the terrific shops.

After lunch, we will sail toward Norman Island and the Bight. Often referred to by the locals as “Treasure Island,” legends of Norman Island are resplendent with stories of buried pirate treasure! If there is enough daylight, we will explore Treasure Point by dinghy. It is known for the “caves,” a great snorkel spot for
crewed charter yachts. Also, in the Bight is a floating bar, "The William Thornton," which was christened in 1966. Handy, too, is a popular beach bar known as "Billy Bones". For those with a lot of ambition, try the somewhat challenging hiking trail up to Spy Glass Hill.

Day 3

If the seas are calm, we can moor at Pelican Island and The Indians for a snorkel stop. There's a fun tunnel for brave snorkelers to explore! Afterwards we'll set sail for Marina Cay, a tiny, picturesque island surrounded by a beautiful reef. Rob and Rodie White settled on the island right before World War II. You may visit the home that they built and have a drink at the spectacular Sunset Bar. There's also a Pusser’s Company Store stocked with their nautical and tropical clothing, unique accessories and gifts. We'll show you two super snorkeling spots or you can try some water sports like knee boarding.

Day 4

Today we set sail for the famous Bitter End Yacht Club in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda. If time and weather permit, we can make a lunch stop at one of the islands along the way. Christopher Columbus named Virgin Gorda because, from seaward, it resembled a full-figured woman lying on her back. Maybe he had been at sea too long! It was once the capital of the BVI's and now has a population of 9,000 people. For your one night ashore, you may want to consider dining at the Bitter End or have a very elegant meal at Biras Creek. This is a wonderful area to stretch your legs and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It's truly a “world-class” resort.

Day 5

This may very well be your favorite day of the vacation!!  Today we're going to the Baths. Located on the southwest tip of Virgin Gorda, the  Baths are a  most unusual formation of large granite boulders. Where the sea washes in between the huge rocks, large pools have been created. Shafts of light play upon the water, creating a dramatic effect. The adjacent beach is white and sandy with excellent snorkeling. You'll enjoy the easy 20 minute trail through the Baths over to Devil’s Bay. Only one other place on the planet, the Seychelles Islands off the coast of Africa, is similar to the Baths.

You may choose to board the complimentary shuttle at 9 or 10am at the Bitter End Yacht Club to ferry across the North Sound to Gun Creek where a cab will be waiting. The fare is 10 dollars per person round trip and the driver is yours for the day. All of our guests really enjoy getting to see this beautiful island. The driver will drop us at the Baths and we usually ask him to pick us up at 3:00 or 4:00. We'll lunch at one of our favorite spots, “Mad Dogs Bar and Grille”. There's a beautiful view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. It's also world famous for their bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. It's all very inexpensive and lots of fun! You'll need to wear your swimsuit and a cover-up or T-shirt and shoes that can get wet and don’t forget your underwater camera. We will bring the snorkeling gear, a beach blanket and a few towels.

Day 6

Today we head for Jost Van Dyke. Weather permitting, we can make a lunch stop at Sandy Cay, the postcard-picture perfect little deserted island that you may have all to yourself!

Jost Van Dyke is known for its 1000-foot high peaks. We will anchor in Great Harbor, near Foxy’s Tamarind Bar and Grill at the eastern end. Over the years, Foxy's has become an institution for cruising boats and was named the “Number 3 Place to Be” in the world for the millennium. Foxy and his wife Tessa have hosted the Wooden Boat Regatta for many years. You will not want to miss hearing Foxy sing his calypso ballads from 4-6pm and Tessa has a fantastic gift shop open until 6pm with lots of native made gifts and goodies. If we arrive on a Friday or Saturday night, you may want to spend your one night ashore at the restaurant enjoying the bountiful buffet. The fish that is served is guaranteed to be very fresh - usually only 3 hours old! Roasted chicken and barbecued ribs are served alongside Caribbean rice, salads, tropical fruits, vegetables and freshly baked breads. What a super feast and no shoes are required!  The band starts around 8:30pm and plays until 11pm. It's a wonderful way to end your sailing vacation!

Day 7

Your final day, and how you will wish you could spend another week!  
We have truly enjoyed having you onboard and look forward to your next visit! HAPPY SAILING!

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