Andiamo Crewed Caribbean Charters - Virgin Islands, British and USVI - St John, St Croix, St Thomas


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Luxury catamaran yacht vacationsThe Charter Yacht
Catamarans have become more popular than mono-hulls in the last 4 years in the Caribbean for the following reason:

Stability:   Because catamarans have two hulls, they are more stable at anchor and under sail

There are four double cabins with adjoining bathrooms.

There is more space inside, more space on deck, and catamarans have a large trampoline between the hulls for sunbathing.  

For these reasons, the catamaran has drawn more and more people to sailing vacations, even those who have never sailed before. Andiamo is a typical luxury catamaran 44 feet long with the reputation as one of the Caribbean's most popular crewed charters for families and groups. 
Designed with four double cabins, each with its own private toilet, private shower, and wash basin, it is perfect for six guests. Attached to each forward cabin is a single bed/cabin for children, if guests wish to have a family-only party of eight guests.  A large indoor and outdoor salon/cockpit area make those candlelit dinners magical.

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Jayne, your personal executive chef, excels in gourmet meals. The galley is a state-of-the-art modern kitchen designed to prepare the sort of meals guests have learned to expect on board Andiamo. Convenient ”sugar scoops” designed into the back of each hull allow guests to comfortably get into the water at sea level for snorkeling.  Crewed Yacht Andiamo.